Are you drinking too much?

There’s a sliding scale of drinking too much but it starts at a much lower volume than most people would expect. When does enjoying a drink tip over into something to be concerned about?

Alcohol self assessment

Take the quick and simple test below to understand more about the impact of your drinking. Find out whether your relationship with alcohol is about right or whether you’re over doing it and need to take action.

Please provide us with the following details:

Why do you need to know my age and gender?

By finding out your age and gender we can give you more personalised help and advice.

How often do you have a drink containing alcohol?

How many units of alcohol do you drink on a typical day when you are drinking?

How often do you have half a dozen or so (6 if female, 8 if male) or more units on one occasion?

How often during the last year have you found that you were not able to stop drinking once you had started?

How often during the last year have you failed to do what was normally expected from you because of your drinking?

How often during the last year have you needed an alcoholic drink in the morning to get yourself going after a heavy drinking session?

How often during the last year have you had a feeling of guilt or remorse after drinking?

How often during the last year have you been unable to remember what happened the night before because you had been drinking?

Have you or somebody else been injured as a result of your drinking?

Has a relative or friend, doctor or other health worker been concerned about your drinking or suggested that you cut down?


This site does not provide a diagnosis of alcohol dependence or any other medical condition. The information provided here cannot substitute for a full evaluation by a health professional, and should only be used as a guide to understand your alcohol use and the potential health issues involved with it.


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